Thursday, 15 September 2011

Check it.

I made this salad today. It's a Smoked Salmon Rice Salad with snow-peas. I combined these two recipes here and here, I also substituted a few ingredients. I haven't actually tasted it yet because by the time I made it I didn't really feel like it anymore but it looks pretty good!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


How d'you like me now?

Quick outfit post, nothing special..
Vintage crop, Ally shorts, vintage belts, vintage jewellery, vintage earrings as shoe clips. Like  I said, nothing special just a casual day at uni.

Monday, 12 September 2011

NYFW outfit post.

  So I'm not actually in New York or doing anything Fashion Week related, but here's what I would have worn had I been in attendance..
Vince sequin blouse, Sea Ny leather blouse, Balmain tailored jacket, Alexander Wang high waisted shorts, Miu Miu sandals, Alexander McQueen handbag, Antique earrings, YSL ring, Michael Kors ring, Alexander Wang sunglasses.

  This outfit totally isn't my style (or in my budget) but somehow I just got addicted to this look. I've never been a fan of gold until recently and now it seems to be ruling my life! I've also never particularly been fond of red either, but for some reason I decided to base this outfit around those two colours.
  I kind of got a bit carried away, so the whole outfit feels pretty heavy to me. The whole "less is more" thing went out the window and it became a bit more of "more is more is more" (quote Man Repeller). Which I guess makes this a good Fall/Winter look - regardless of the fact that it is now Spring in Australia.
  I would probably never wear this type of outfit, but I can totally see stylish ladies like Hanneli rocking it. Pair it with a sleek pony tail or bun, minimal makeup and a dash of red lipstick and you've got a great NYFW outfit!

Friday, 9 September 2011

10 reasons why my Vintage bag is better than Alexander Wang's Diego.


1. It's vintage, obvious win!
2. It's like 80 times cheaper than the Diego.
3. It's awesome!
4. It appeals to my new-found obsession with gold hardware.
5. It doubles as an awesome uni bag.
6. It's amazing!
7. You can tie pretty scarves to it.
8. The vintage style has taken the studded 'feet' from the bottom of the diego and rearranged them in a more visible/aesthetically pleasing pattern.
9. It's magnificent!
10. I'm the only blogger who has bragging rights.

Well it's obvious which bag is better. Now lets look at some pretty pictures of it;
What I wore; Vintage dress, vintage bag, Sam Edelman Zoe boots (even though you can't see them).

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Chase that feeling.

I'm baaaaacckk! Just a quick post for now to catch you up on the things that happened in my absence.
1. Sickness, lots of it.
2. I began painting my nails every day.
3. I had some pretty lazy clothing days.
4. My wackiness/braveness (??it's a word) to try new things has increased 10-fold.
5. Fortnightly op-shopping trips have become bi-weekly.
6. Assignments, too many.
7. No blog posts, I'm sorry.

Here, have some juicy watermelon!
The picture is crappy but the nails are gold! Not literally, but you get the gist.
Happy Thursday!