Saturday, 23 July 2011

10 day Outfit Challenge: Day 4.

  S'nappening, Blogoshpere? It's day four! This post is a little later than intended, but better late than never. Today I have decided to take a page from The Man Repeller's Bible. Although this wasn't an intentional stab at repelling, it is a handy side effect. So begins the awesome post I promised you (just kidding, it's not actually the post I promised, that one has been post-poned. This post, however, is no less awesome);
  Looks good, yeah? So my inspiration for this look was definitely to pick up, and pick up I did.. A family feast from McDonalds. I devoured the whole thing by myself while sitting on the porch with a shot-gun scaring of the neighbour kids. Kidding! Although, I do feel I am letting this outfit down if I do not partake in such activities.
  Are you digging my 'come hither' look? I think you are, come hither, come hither right into my bed. Uhhh, but seriously, it was FREEZING. I am spending the night at the Boyfriend's house and may have forgotten to bring warm clothes, this is my improvisation. Good, no? As fashionable as this outfit is (and I know it is), It is 20x warmer!
  So uhhh, lets look at that picture of me channelling Cousin It and compare it to this picture, what's the verdict? So let's get down to business, eh ;) What I wore; Disneyland Shirt from Disneyland, Boyfriends Trackies, my fuzzy Bathrobe, Boyfriend's Mother's homemade Cardigan. Oh and socks with thongs (or flip-flops for you Americans) - clearly the classiest part. So, you may ask, how well did my repellant work? Why not see for yourselves;
  Man successfully repelled! If this post hasn't put you off Blogging completely - I promise, from the bottom of my heart, I will have a decent post for you tomorrow. adj√∂!

Friday, 22 July 2011

10 Day Outfit Challenge: Day 3.

  So it's day three today and I'm not feeling too well. Since I knew I'd be sitting in a doctors office for a lifetime (they're always running late) I just wanted something simple and comfy to wear;
Yep, thats my dog in the background watching me. My last two outfits haven't been too interesting, and I do apologise for that. I've been unwell and uninspired, though I do promise I have a pretty killer outfit planned for tomorrow - two actually!
  Here's what I wore; Vintage denim Top, Ask Grace leather skirt, Soles booties. Yes those are the same boots as yesterday, I do apologise. Come back tomorrow to see the best outfit of your lives! Oh and P.S. to make up for this crappy post, here is a photo of me looking like a drugged up Zombie Fairy;
  Auf Wiedersehen!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

10day Outfit Challenge: Day 2.

  S'nappenin Ladies & Germs! Guess what? 'What?' You may say, well I'll tell you what.. It's the second day of my 10 day Outfit Challenge. It'll just be a quick post today so lets get to it;
  I may or may not have been doing some funky dance moves. Yeah, I know you're jealous, lets see YOU shake a tailfeather that hard.
  I call this move the hand-toss and leg-pop. I apologise for the really crappy photos, it was a bit of a crazy day. FYI those shoes are grey leopard print, cause I know you were wondering.
  Look how bootylicious I am! Hah, if only those boulders could replace my real-life pancake ass. What I wore; Portmans Blouse, Forever New Shorts, Soles Booties, Cooper St Blazer (only worn in first picture, see here for more detail). Anywho, thats it for today, tune in tomorrow for day 3!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Another Model off the Market.

  Sorry Gentlemen, Anja Rubik has joined the leagues of Kate Moss in Holy Matrimony. The supermodel and long term boyfriend, Sasha Knezevic, tied the proverbial knot over the weekend.
  Lets talk about this dress, beautiful isn't it? Anja's wedding dress was designed especially for her by Peter Dundas of Pucci. As well as that beautiful vintage-vibes neckline, the modern dress boasts a short hem and a tiered skirt, not to mention that train;
  Wow! Not sure about practicality, but damn, thats a nice train. The lucky man, Shasha Knezevic, is also a very successful male model who has appeared in campaigns such as; DKNY, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gap.
Photos from here.
  Aren't they just wonderful together? Anywho Dudettes, stay tuned for Day Two of my 10 day Outfit Challenge tomorrow. View Day One here. Ciao!

10 day Outfit Challenge: Day 1.

  Hi there, Blogoshpere! It's Day One of my Ten Day Challenge, are you excited? I have a beachy outfit for you, as promised, since a group of friends and I are headed to... wait for it... THE BEACH! 
  I'm not too sure what my inspiration was. Colours, definitely colours. As well as a 1950's vibe, a la stripped bodysuit and short-shorts. The tie-dye turban was a bit of fun and an easy way to add an extra element of colour to the outfit.
  Oh hi there, glamorous girl-looking-over-her-shoulder! Oh wait, thats me. Let's talk about that raffia bag, isn't is amazing? It's my uni bag, yep I'm pretty proud of it.
  This outfit was a lot of fun to put together. I went a little colour crazy at first and had to swap some pieces for a toned-down version. For example, I almost wore a pair of neon floral shorts. Yep, you heard me, NEON FLORAL. No doubt you will see those in a post sometime soon. What I wore; Majority of this outfit is Vintage. The shorts were handmade by my mother when she was roughly my age. The bodysuit is a vintage find on eBay. Raffia bag is from a local op-shop. Mum's hand dyed/DIY'd silk scarf worn as turban (my mother is pretty handy). Jelly flats from Big W or something and assorted jewelrey. Oh and the sunnies, I got them from the Lost & Found at my work. Scungy? No, BARGAIN!

  So this concludes the first post of my 10 day Outfit Challenge. Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. Arrivederci!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

8day Outfit Challenge

  Hey there, Blogosphere! It appears I may have taken a little unintentional sabbatical, oops! While you may have been sitting at your computer refreshing this page every hour like sad little nellys (c'mon, we know thats what you do), I was sitting at my computer being completely engrossed in... wait for it, The Man Repeller! I may or may not have read through her entire archives, but I definitely do have a bit of a lady crush on the girl behind the blog - Leandra Medine. Or as she would put it; a bit of a lady boner, but ssshhhhhh! It's a secret ;)

  Anywho, to make my absence up to you (I'm sure you didn't even notice I was gone, boo-hoo) I have decided to embark on a 10day outfit challenge. Yes, I know the title says 8 and for being such attentive readers and picking up on that, I will give you two extra days of outfits! This may not be at all exciting for you, but it is for me and it's my blog, so there. 10days of outfits will begin tomorrow with a special beachy number. What's that you say? I am aware that it is still winter and that I must be mad to don a bikini, but like vintage fur; winter doesn't count in the tropics. I'm not sure you'll get that analogy.. I don't really get it myself. Please leave me a comment if you have any ideas what was going on inside my braindiddly-o (gosh, I've even started speaking like Leandra (I know we only just met, Leandra, but I have a feeling that we're already at the first-name basis stage of our relationship) this may be a copyright infringement, don't sue me!! (ohmygosh! did anyone else see that parenthesis inside a parenthesis?!?.. here's another one!) Kay, I'm going to stop). Phew, glad thats over.

  For a little dose of normality, here's a pretty picture of me and my puppy;
  Just kidding, he's really a giant space-martian from Uranus. Gotchya! He's actually just a really big puppy. I love him all the same. Anywho, get excited for the first post of my 10day Outfit Challenge tomorrow! Au Reviour! 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Kinga Rajzak

  Dazed & Confused has never been one to disappoint, the August issue is no exception. The young, fresh face of Prada - Kinga Rajzak has teamed up with Ruth Hogbern to bring us one of the most beautiful shoots of the year. It's not so much the fashion/clothing that caught my attention, it's the texture. The images appear to be comprised of beautifully coloured blossoms, never have I seen such amazing attention to detail. I don't really have much else to say apart from; look at the colour! And the texture! So much love, so magical!

All images from here.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Gotta get down on Friday.

  Ladies, Gents. We have a busy night tonight! The boyfriend and I are heading down to our local night-markets to have a look at the craft and baking skills our town possesses (so many S's, this can't be right!). After which we are heading to one of my favourite bars for a friends farewell party (sadface) before making our way to another friends birthday party. What a hectic night! All of this must be accomplished quick-smart so I can be home in bed and well rested for work tomorrow morning. Gosh it's a hard life. Here's what I'm wearing;

  I'm wearing; Minkpink Jacket, Target Crop, Vintage Dress, Black Milk Tights, Sam Edelman Boots, Portmans Clutch, Assorted Jewellery.

  I was going for a 1990's/Phoebe Buffet/witchy vibe with this outfit. I'm totally in love with this dress that I found at an Op Shop, $3 - BARGAIN! The boyfriend calls it my "Grandma Dress" but how many Grandmas do you know that would wear a completely sheer dress? He shuddered and suddenly became very quiet when I asked him to picture his Grandmother wearing this outfit. Does that make me a bad girlfriend? Anywho, I hope you all have a very lovely Friday night!

Happy Friday!

  I hope everybody is enjoying their Friday, I know I sure am!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Anja Rubik in Paris

  These photos of Anja Rubik have been circulating around the blogosphere as of late, I thought they were just too amazing not to share.

  Only Anja could pull off this sheer ensemble! Photographs are from Stockholm Streetstyle.

Hip-hop & Tea

  Yesterday I took part in an afternoon of Hip-hop & Tea. Even though the hip-hop only lasted a minute, we enjoyed a feast of lammingtons, fruit, chocolate biscuits and gummi bears - not to mention the tea, YUM. Here's what I wore;

  I wore; Vintage hat, jumper, purse and shoes. Miss Unkon shorts and a friends Fur Bowtie.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sneak peak!

  I have had such a marvellous day. Beginning with a wonderful breakfast overlooking the ocean, followed by a tea-party with great company. I will have a little photo-journal up for you tomorrow. For now, I will leave you with a sneak-peak;

Monday, 4 July 2011

4th of July.

  For all my American Readers - In the spirit of Independence Day, celebrate and have a happy 4th of July with two of my favourite brands;

Black Milk America catsuit and dress.

Jeffrey Campbell American Flag Lita.

Black Milk America suspenders and Kids in America Tights.