Thursday, 21 July 2011

10day Outfit Challenge: Day 2.

  S'nappenin Ladies & Germs! Guess what? 'What?' You may say, well I'll tell you what.. It's the second day of my 10 day Outfit Challenge. It'll just be a quick post today so lets get to it;
  I may or may not have been doing some funky dance moves. Yeah, I know you're jealous, lets see YOU shake a tailfeather that hard.
  I call this move the hand-toss and leg-pop. I apologise for the really crappy photos, it was a bit of a crazy day. FYI those shoes are grey leopard print, cause I know you were wondering.
  Look how bootylicious I am! Hah, if only those boulders could replace my real-life pancake ass. What I wore; Portmans Blouse, Forever New Shorts, Soles Booties, Cooper St Blazer (only worn in first picture, see here for more detail). Anywho, thats it for today, tune in tomorrow for day 3!


  1. I really like your Outfit, it looks so cute :)
    Greetings from Germany :)

  2. I love your shorts and that blouse - great combination! And moves, of course ;)

  3. Love the idea of an outfit challenge! This is great ! I adore the shorts and boots :)

  4. Love the outfit - the lace top is so cute with the pink pants!

    The Internet Garbage