Tuesday, 19 July 2011

8day Outfit Challenge

  Hey there, Blogosphere! It appears I may have taken a little unintentional sabbatical, oops! While you may have been sitting at your computer refreshing this page every hour like sad little nellys (c'mon, we know thats what you do), I was sitting at my computer being completely engrossed in... wait for it, The Man Repeller! I may or may not have read through her entire archives, but I definitely do have a bit of a lady crush on the girl behind the blog - Leandra Medine. Or as she would put it; a bit of a lady boner, but ssshhhhhh! It's a secret ;)

  Anywho, to make my absence up to you (I'm sure you didn't even notice I was gone, boo-hoo) I have decided to embark on a 10day outfit challenge. Yes, I know the title says 8 and for being such attentive readers and picking up on that, I will give you two extra days of outfits! This may not be at all exciting for you, but it is for me and it's my blog, so there. 10days of outfits will begin tomorrow with a special beachy number. What's that you say? I am aware that it is still winter and that I must be mad to don a bikini, but like vintage fur; winter doesn't count in the tropics. I'm not sure you'll get that analogy.. I don't really get it myself. Please leave me a comment if you have any ideas what was going on inside my braindiddly-o (gosh, I've even started speaking like Leandra (I know we only just met, Leandra, but I have a feeling that we're already at the first-name basis stage of our relationship) this may be a copyright infringement, don't sue me!! (ohmygosh! did anyone else see that parenthesis inside a parenthesis?!?.. here's another one!) Kay, I'm going to stop). Phew, glad thats over.

  For a little dose of normality, here's a pretty picture of me and my puppy;
  Just kidding, he's really a giant space-martian from Uranus. Gotchya! He's actually just a really big puppy. I love him all the same. Anywho, get excited for the first post of my 10day Outfit Challenge tomorrow! Au Reviour!