Saturday, 23 July 2011

10 day Outfit Challenge: Day 4.

  S'nappening, Blogoshpere? It's day four! This post is a little later than intended, but better late than never. Today I have decided to take a page from The Man Repeller's Bible. Although this wasn't an intentional stab at repelling, it is a handy side effect. So begins the awesome post I promised you (just kidding, it's not actually the post I promised, that one has been post-poned. This post, however, is no less awesome);
  Looks good, yeah? So my inspiration for this look was definitely to pick up, and pick up I did.. A family feast from McDonalds. I devoured the whole thing by myself while sitting on the porch with a shot-gun scaring of the neighbour kids. Kidding! Although, I do feel I am letting this outfit down if I do not partake in such activities.
  Are you digging my 'come hither' look? I think you are, come hither, come hither right into my bed. Uhhh, but seriously, it was FREEZING. I am spending the night at the Boyfriend's house and may have forgotten to bring warm clothes, this is my improvisation. Good, no? As fashionable as this outfit is (and I know it is), It is 20x warmer!
  So uhhh, lets look at that picture of me channelling Cousin It and compare it to this picture, what's the verdict? So let's get down to business, eh ;) What I wore; Disneyland Shirt from Disneyland, Boyfriends Trackies, my fuzzy Bathrobe, Boyfriend's Mother's homemade Cardigan. Oh and socks with thongs (or flip-flops for you Americans) - clearly the classiest part. So, you may ask, how well did my repellant work? Why not see for yourselves;
  Man successfully repelled! If this post hasn't put you off Blogging completely - I promise, from the bottom of my heart, I will have a decent post for you tomorrow. adjö!


  1. But it does look ever so cosy however, haha!

  2. Great jacket! I love the Japanese vibe! =)

  3. Haha this is such a cute post, and the way I dress at home in winter looks infinitely less photogenic than your outfit! :)

    I always tell myself keeping warm is key haha.

    The Cat Hag

  4. Fantastic!!!!!!*_*

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  6. If I was chowing down on a Family Feast in my mohair ugly sweater and I saw you on the other side of the restaurant in that ensemble, tomato sauce dribbling down your chin...let's just say you'd suffocate in my love.