Friday, 1 July 2011

Lindsay Lohan

  It's almost been a week since my last post - I'm sorry, I got very lazy. Though, I am back now! Heres a quick little post to tide you over until a big outfit post I have planned for tonight.

  I came across this photoshoot recently, now I'm not necessarily a fan of Lindsay Lohan or the choices she had made in her life, but I am a huge fan of this 70's inspired shoot. Now I was very sleepy when I found these images so I'm not sure where I got them. I will try to find a reference but until then they will remain reference-less. Enjoy!

  This totally makes me wish I was born a few decades earlier! I hope everyone has awesome plans for the weekend? I have a friend coming over from Germany tonight so it's going to be a very exciting month. Stay tuned for an outfit post tonight!


  1. I love the glamorous, sexy 1970's vibe of these pictures! =)

  2. I love her 70s outfits!