Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Another Model off the Market.

  Sorry Gentlemen, Anja Rubik has joined the leagues of Kate Moss in Holy Matrimony. The supermodel and long term boyfriend, Sasha Knezevic, tied the proverbial knot over the weekend.
  Lets talk about this dress, beautiful isn't it? Anja's wedding dress was designed especially for her by Peter Dundas of Pucci. As well as that beautiful vintage-vibes neckline, the modern dress boasts a short hem and a tiered skirt, not to mention that train;
  Wow! Not sure about practicality, but damn, thats a nice train. The lucky man, Shasha Knezevic, is also a very successful male model who has appeared in campaigns such as; DKNY, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gap.
Photos from here.
  Aren't they just wonderful together? Anywho Dudettes, stay tuned for Day Two of my 10 day Outfit Challenge tomorrow. View Day One here. Ciao!


  1. wow her dress is amazing, a shirt dress is so unique!!


  2. I love Anja <3

  3. so sweet! she is one of my favorite models. that dress is gorgeous and her legs are killer! xx

  4. Hey, I follow now your amazing blog!! Hope you follow me back...:)
    Mela xx

  5. Oh yes, this is a wonderful couple!!!She's simply amazing!

  6. she is so stunning; and that dress... omg drool

  7. She looks amazing! I'm just getting my blog -Good Wear Day- off the ground, so any followers would mean so much!
    p.s. your blog is fab!

  8. The back of that dress is really beautiful!