Saturday, 2 July 2011

Harper’s Bazaar Spain - May

  Living in the Australian Tropics we've never really had a proper winter. I'm not saying that I haven't experienced cold weather, but as a general rule the temperature rarely drops below 15degrees C. This year, however, its been much colder - still not a proper winter, but better. 

  The one thing I have learnt being born and raised in the tropics is if the sun is shining it is warm outside. This was not the case yesterday. The sky was blue, the sun was high, I was ready to go to the beach. Bad idea, it was freezing. There I was shivering and blue in my bikini and short-shorts. Too stubborn to jump back in the car to go home, I forced myself to run along the beach with my dog - who appeared not to be feeling the cold as he kept romping in the waves. Never again will I go to the beach until I am damn sure that the temperature is at least above 20degreesC!

  So, in the spirit of all things beachy, here is an amazing shoot I came across a while ago. Regina Feoktistova appears not to be feeling the cold in the May issue of Harper's Bazaar Spain. Photographed by Xevi Muntané and styled by Leticia Riestra, everything about this shoot screams Summer. I, for one, am extremely jealous!

 All images are from here.

   Only 152 days until summer! Also, this outfit post that was promised has been delayed. Only for a little while I swear. I'll have one up as soon as my camera decides to co-operate. Enjoy your Wintery Weekend!

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  1. great share! love her hair, so luscious!