Friday, 9 September 2011

10 reasons why my Vintage bag is better than Alexander Wang's Diego.


1. It's vintage, obvious win!
2. It's like 80 times cheaper than the Diego.
3. It's awesome!
4. It appeals to my new-found obsession with gold hardware.
5. It doubles as an awesome uni bag.
6. It's amazing!
7. You can tie pretty scarves to it.
8. The vintage style has taken the studded 'feet' from the bottom of the diego and rearranged them in a more visible/aesthetically pleasing pattern.
9. It's magnificent!
10. I'm the only blogger who has bragging rights.

Well it's obvious which bag is better. Now lets look at some pretty pictures of it;
What I wore; Vintage dress, vintage bag, Sam Edelman Zoe boots (even though you can't see them).


  1. I love your looks! :D I am so glad I'm following you. :*

  2. That bag looks great on you--especially with that lovely dress.

  3. OMG. that bag is vintage!? its killlaaaaa!!! and i LOVE the colour of that dress and the pleatedness, ill trade you dresses! hahaha, omg i love your little motto too, "19 years of bad decisions haven't taught me much at all," amen, sista.

    btw, thanks for your very kind comment and follow! =)