Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dream-like state of mind.

You know those weeks when tasks seem to pile up faster than you can complete them? Thats been me for the last two weeks, I'll be half-way through something then suddenly remember 5 more things I need to do. It started to seem a little impossible that I would ever complete anything. Yet, in these situations all you need to do is step back and take a break - and thats exactly what this outfit is to me.
Jumpsuit: Alice McCall, Shoes: Vintage, Purse: Vintage, Headpiece: DIY.
Yesterday, I decided it was time to take a break from all the daily stresses. This Alice McCall jumpsuit feels so dreamy and care-free, it was just what I needed. I spent my morning sipping green tea and relaxing on the couch before heading off to work. It was wonderful while it lasted.

I wish you all a relaxing weekend!


  1. wow i love this!!! I'm now following your blog!

    Ta-taa for now,

  2. i love the boho vibe. very pretty. thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog, sweetie. x.