Friday, 17 June 2011


  Just kicking back on a Friday afternoon with a couple of vodka, lemon & waters (because we don't have lime and I don't like soda) with the boyfriend and some friends. Today's sunset is beautiful. The sky transforms from muted-peach colouring to a beautiful indigo glow and the clouds almost look like they are lined with gold. The stars, making their debut for the forthcoming night, twinkle mesmerisingly from their heavenly perch. Breathing in the cool Winter air, I conclude, Australia is a great place to be.

  Speaking of Aussie spirit, I think now would be a great time to share some of my favourite Australian designers with you. Some are up-and-coming, others you may have heard of, but they are all as equally amazing as the next.

1. Black Milk
Based in Brisbane, QLD. Designer, James Lillis, is a self-confessed leg man. And who wouldn't be if you spent your days dreaming up these babies;
(I actually own all of these leggings, plus more. Can someone say ADDICT?) Although specialising in leggings, Black Milk does some killer bodysuits/swimsuits as well as their recent venture into the world of dresses. I highly recommend checking out their website/blog/facebook.

2. Penny Anne
Penny Anne is the envy of every girl. She is fun and flirty with a vintage edge. Designed by Adelaide girl, Danielle Strong, the Penny Anne brand boasts femininity. 
I am a proud owner of the classic backless leotard, it's so effortlessly cool. Perfect for the festival season and days at the beach, Penny Anne is Summer in a clothing line. Website/blog/facebook.

3. God Save The Frock
I have only recently discovered this amazing rock 'n roll inspired label. Based in Brisbane, Joanna Clarke's designs scratch that itch for 80's grunge clothing thats been hankering at me for a while now.
I am soon to own the Led Zeppelin fur-timmed vest (YAY). God Save The Frock specialises in highly unique pieces and I am yet to hear a bad review. Check out their facebook and get set to release your inner rock chick!

4. My Sunday Feeling
My Sunday Feeling is a label of pure inspiration and freedom. Melody Jasmine's designs see the marriage of flowing fabrics with intricately hand-embellished bodices to create a visual treat.
(Let's all gasp and admire how beautiful the green maxi is because this baby is mine!) The most amazing part about My Sunday Feeling is that no two dresses are alike, each dress has a slightly different design as well as different colour palettes. These are the types of dresses that demand compliments. If you haven't already got one I recommend you do - facebook.

Some other Australian brands I love;
Miss Unkon

  Which are your favourite brands? Show your support for Australian Designers and post your links in the comment section. I just LOVE discovering new labels. Oh, and P.S. I promise I have some outfit posts coming up.
All images are taken from corresponding websites.


  1. Aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi!

    lol im proud to be an australian too. great post. My sunday feeling looks like an excellent brand.


  2. That backless leotard is completely beautiful, I must agree.

  3. Thanks for these links hon. I was only aware of james and shakuhachi. I'm off a little browse

  4. Just checked them all out then thanks for posting this, love them all! And I'm also extremely jealous of your purchases, wish they could be mine!


  5. thanks for the mention


    Penny Anne