Sunday, 19 June 2011

Opening Ceremony - Resort 2012

  So last nights drinks with the ladies ended up getting a little messy. I'm not entirely sure about the details, though I do know that my knee is very swollen, bruised and sore. Today, I'm feeling a little seedy, accompanied by a very short attention span. So instead of going to the effort to write an interesting entry, I will bombard you with beautiful photos. Get excited!

  This month has seen the release of Opening Ceremony's Resort 2012 collection. The pieces featured boast floaty, flirty cuts in bright yellow, green and orange hues and, of course, the ever-popular florals. However, the best part about this collection is the fact that it is Opening Ceremony's very first Resort collection. I would love to high-five their head designer for doing such a great job, they definitely have a lot to live up to in future collections.

All images are from here.

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