Saturday, 18 June 2011

Everybody look to their left.

  Heading out with the ladies for a couple drinks tonight. Thought I'd do a quick outfit post before we leave. Keep in mind that this is my FIRST OUTFIT POST, (yay!) so be kind. These photos were rushed and the camera was being moody, but here we go;

  What I wore: Dress-Vintage, Purse-Vintage, Shoes-Novo. I didn't actually want to wear stockings with this look, but it was just SO cold! Special thanks to Suzanne for putting up with my crazy camera whilst snapping these pics.

I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday night! I'll have some more outfit posts coming soon :)


  1. lovely dress , its got a nice sexy back :)


  2. Love the sheer sleeves ! Oh and the shoes ! Good job on the first outfit post, I definitely want to see more :)

  3. That dress is so cute. Love your blog.
    Following you.