Saturday, 7 January 2012

Favourites - Bloggers.

Part two of my Favourites series is Favourite Bloggers.
I've been following blogs much longer than I've been writing them and have developed quite an extensive list of style icons. Since you probably don't want to trawl through 100's of blogs I'll just give you my top 3.

Leandra Medine is in a blog-league of her own. Infamous for her clothing choices that are loved by women but hated by men, you will often see the her don sequin harem pants under a skirt worn with 5 shirts (no exaggeration). As unimaginable as the aforementioned outfit may sound, The Man Repeller has a glorious closet filled with high-end labels (not to mention the shoes, oh my, the shoes!) which she mixes to complete her eclectic outfits. Also known for her unique lingo, Medine has coined many phrases including lady boner, arm party, birth controll glasses, skant and the list goes on. Leandra will have you in fits of uncontrollable laugher as she shows you step by step how to deflect the admiring gaze of fellow man.

Anniieemal is a Melbourne based blog written by two best friends, Celine and Annie. These girls are the epitome of Australian Chic, often mixing high-end labels with department store brands. Celine and Annie have impeccable style and a party habit. Their blog mainly consists of photographs, oozing with style and fun, which you will never tire of looking at. These girls have many model and musician friends (whose names you would recognise) and lead the life you dream of. Check out their blog for a hit of effortless Australian cool.

I have only recently come across this blog and can not stop trawling through the archives. Trini's blog is one of personal style, she embodies everything that is Parisian Chic with a hint of Alexa Chung-esque understated cool. Often sharing simplistic and minimalistic outfit photos, this girl has me falling in love with her easy/casual style. Trini has a self confessed adoration for Chanel and mixes high-end goods with department store brands and vintage gems.

So that's three of my favourite bloggers. I'm thinking I may have to do another Favourite Bloggers post soon as my list is never-ending. Who are your favourite bloggers/style icons?

P.S. I should have another outfit post ready for you very soon :)
Happy Blogging!


  1. cool blog!

  2. wow all these bloggers are so amazing. you ahve a great blog! xx

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  4. Great post I love your blog and your style. Btw your hair is just awesome!

  5. amazing bloggers :)

  6. hey girly:) thank you for your sweeet comment! hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. great post, thanks for sharing, i'd heard of the first one but not the other two! i love discovering new blogs to follow!


  8. great post!

    nice blog too! pls look also at mine and become a friend too :)

    XO, Carmen

  9. love leandra too!!! thanks for ur comment im following u now


  10. / Thank you! And you're definitively right!

    Lovely blog by the way, I really like your style :D

  11. Wow, I will check their blogs now :)

  12. Thanks for the comment. I'm already a follower of yours but would appreciate the follow back. Love this post! I knew the Man Repeller but not the other two. Great choices!

  13. nice blog, of course I'm now following you

  14. leandra's blog is my favorite as well!

  15. great choices - what a bunch of lovely ladies!
    Thanks for sharing. xx

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  17. Good choice :) I love the first blog! I am following you, but still can't see you in my followers - did you add me?
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  18. lovely and cool images. well done dear.

  19. Lovely blog.

  20. leandra is one of my faces too! i didn't know the other 2 i will check their blogs now :)

  21. I love Leandra :)

    loving your blog too by the way x