Thursday, 5 January 2012

P.S. Lookie what I made!

I've been lusting over this top from Cacharel for a while now, so today I set myself a task to make one. I just used an old blouse, cropped it and used elastic to cinch the waist. It was really quite simple and I'm more than happy with the results.
The design is a little different because to bring the shoulders in (as per Cacharel version) would have required me to restructure the whole blouse. I think next time I'll just begin from scratch.
This is just a little styling suggestion, how cool are those shorts? I think they're old boys swimming trunks, I got them at an op shop for like $2.50. The boat shoes are Stegman and the sunglasses are unknown.

I have many more DIY ideas to attempt within the next month before I return to uni. I look forward to sharing my successes and failures with you!
Are you into DIY's?


  1. SHUT YOUR PRETTY LITTLE MOUTH! I am SO JELLY RIGHT NOW! that looks amazing. xo

  2. This is a nice outfit. We love it!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. such a lovely blog dear! stop by my blog anytime:)
    xoxo Sienna

  4. I LOVE DIY, especially making jewelry. I wish I was better at sewing and embroidery as I'd do so much more clothing DIY projects. Looking forward to seeing your own hand made items soon ;)

    -from your new follower

  5. awesome! you're so creative!
    nice blog!<3

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  7. I love DIYs! Great job on yours! It's beautiful!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. Wow, this looks amazing!!
    Like your blog, we could follow eachother if you'd like??

    XOXF -

  9. this is so inspiring. I got a sewing machine last year for christmas and have been doing the same things. Getting old blazers at thrift shops and putting elbow patches on them... or shortening old dresses and lowering the backs on them. It's so much fun... and so addicting.
    Thanks for sharing. Great post.And loved the cropped top. Check out my blog. I just posted about crop tops and bandeaus. :)
    xoxo, A